What We Do

Astudo is the private consultancy firm of Anthony and Christabell McDonald. We are not an architect firm and we are not a management company. We consultant and assist owners, developers and investors in the process of conceptualizing and delivering design led hospitality properties throughout the world.

Often clients have an ambition or a goal, but not the hospitality or design experience to deliver this vision without assistance. Architects typically do not fully understand the commercial or functional aspects of projects, and hotel operators fail to understand design aesthetics. Astudo bridges these two disciplines and represents and consults the owner on all aspects of the project.

As the hospitality space becomes increasingly competitive, it is even more necessary to create unique and wonderful properties, that stand out and are recognized for their design and individuality. The role of Astudo is helping owners achieve this.

How We Do It

Like the conductor of an orchestra, Astudo starts by understanding the vision and objectives of the project owner, then combines the financial, design, function, marketing and sales elements necessary to make the symphony a sounding success. It is achieved through the combination of creative solutions and designs. By applying its experience in the development of design properties, it can greatly reduce an owners investment risk, while ensuring the creative aspects of the project are awarding winning.